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Rotate: The Art of the Ambigram with Nikita Prokhorov


Saturday, October 27th, 11am - 4pm

New York

Typography, when coupled with a bit of magic, can take on the hypnotic form of an ambigram. An ambigram is a word that, once its orientation or perspective has been changed, can be read as the same or a different word.

This 5-hour class is led by lettering artist, graphic designer, and ambigram expert Nikita Prokhorov. You will get an in-depth introduction to ambigrams and how to create them. First, you will get a bit of history and look at some inspiring examples. Second, we will go through foundational typographic/lettering principles and how they apply to ambigrams. Third, we will find, analyze and learn the methodology using several words to determine their ambigram potential. Finally, we will conclude with a case study that will showcase a step-by-step design process. Then, equipped with the expert techniques and inspiring examples, you’ll be ready to create your own ambigram! 

This workshop will cover the following:
• Foundational typographic and lettering principles
• How to analyze words from a typographic perspective
• The sketching process and tools involved
• Understanding how different lettering styles can affect readability and legibility
• Basic vectoring principles (a computer is not required for this workshop)
• A 30 minutes Q&A session at the end
• This workshop is for all skill levels 

Workshop is limited to 20 participants. All supplies will be provided.

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Nikita is an NYC-based lettering artist, graphic designer, and design professor. His minimalist style reflects an admiration for work such as pure marks by Stefan Kanchev and beautiful typography of Doyald Young. As one happy client put it, ‘his work is conceptual, clean, and the reasoning behind every design decision is crystal clear.’ Focusing mainly on logotypes and lettering, Nikita has worked on a variety of design projects for local and international clients. He is an ambigram expert that has taught several ambigram workshops–in addition to having written a book about ambigrams. Nikita’s work has been featured in multiple design books and websites.

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