Goodtype Reaches Half A Million Followers

By Brooke Robinson

I'd like to begin this post with a HUGE THANK YOU to the Goodtype community. When I started this little Instagram account, I never dreamed of it becoming what it is today.

In the summer of 2013, I created the Instagram account, Goodtype, as a way to release all of the inspirational lettering pieces I collected. I quickly discovered that my passion for letters was one shared by many.  As Goodtype's community grew, I realized the power one post had on the artist who created the piece. This realization initiated and established my mission of sharing beautiful letterforms while giving credit where credit was due. It was such a rewarding feeling using Goodtype for the greater good of the lettering and design community. One post not only created work and connections for the artist, it also inspired the community to keep practicing and try new styles and methods.

Lettering and typography creates a space for artistic communication unlike anything else. What one person is able to express in lettering can't be matched by any other art form.  Reflecting on Goodtype's journey brings me so much joy, as it has awarded me some really amazing friendships, and has allowed me to watch more than a handful of artists progress from beginners to professionals. I hope the amount of joy and inspiration Goodtype brings me is also felt by you, the amazing and supportive community of artists and admirers. Otherwise, it would be all for nothing.

The future of Goodtype is bright. I will be using its platform to: share artists' stories and artwork, bring you tutorials and workshops, expose you to exciting new tools and methods, connect you with new designers and brands. Oh yeah, and what about that book!? Where is it?! It's around the corner! No really, it is. I will be sharing my trials and tribulations of this journey once the book ships in hopes to teach those considering crowdfunding and/or self-publishing the DOs and DON'TS and how to respond to adversity. The book has been a tough journey, but the rewards heavily outweigh the difficulties. I cannot wait for the world to meet the artists in this book. And I cannot wait to award the Stay Sharp Scholarship. It will be worth the wait. Thank you for all of your positive and encouraging notes and support along the way.

The brilliant "500k" artwork was graciously created by Chandan Mahimkar, from Mumbai, India. Chandan is a very talented letterer. I've watched him hone and perfect his clean style over the last year or so. Thank you Chandan, for your continued support and love for Goodtype!

I have a huge list of people I'd like to thank, but rather than run the risk leaving someone out I will say a huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you who know who you are. You know who you are. Goodtype is far beyond me- it's is a community of curious beginners and admirers, of wildly talented designers and professionals. Goodtype truly is #StrengthInLetters.

500k Followers Design by Chandan Mahimkar

500k Followers Design by Chandan Mahimkar

Initial "500k" sketch by Chandan

Initial "500k" sketch by Chandan

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