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Goodtype was founded in Austin, TX by Brooke Robinson out of her love of letterforms. When Brooke began to foster this community, she had no idea the amount of love and support that would flow from it for not only Goodtype but for each other. Heart full, she constantly looks for new ways to support this community. 

Brooke massively believes in the importance of mental health. We all struggle, even when life is going smoothly. When life gives you a curveball, it's even more important to take care of ourselves and each other. Brooke has decided to do something major—this July, she is putting her mind and body to the test by stand-up paddling a grueling 100 km over 5 days through the waterways of Iceland 🤯 in support of one of her favorite organizations, Flatwater Foundation, which provides mental health support for individuals and families coping with a major curveball—cancer.

In addition to paddling the 100km, Brooke is also raising $8000 for the foundation, which all goes to the cause of putting people in therapy.

Goodtype has never put the "G" on any apparel. For the first (and very short time) we are making available limited edition Goodtype Strength in Letters t-shirts which can be purchased here: 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Flatwater and will only be available until April 8th. And yes, these tees ship worldwide, because our incredible community spans the globe.

A big thank you to our very talented friend and local Austin artist, Mark Caneso for creating the Goodtype slogan "Strength in Letters" as seen on the back of the t-shirt.

Brooke's goal is to show her commitment to the community by stand-up paddling all 100km and raise the full $8000 for Flatwater.

Thank you for your support of her and this campaign as it is very near and dear to her heart as she believes in the Goodtype community and how important it is to support and love each other through all our hardships, trials and triumphs.




Brooke asks that you please share this campaign. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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