Mural Monday: All Beef New Drama

Rob Draper is back with a "New" mural, same restaurant- Hanbao, in Worcester, UK. "All Beef, New Drama" is an 80 ft. mural that took Rob 5 days to complete, given the rainy UK weather. Check it out. 

GT: Who was it for? What was the inspiration?
RD: It was for a restaurant brand called Hanbao that I work with. They have a meticulous eye for detail through their brand, so rather than follow the graphic wrap, vinyl or just white/flat color option, they decided to apply that same attention to detail to one of their new restaurant sites. One of the brand's slogans is "All Beef, No Drama." For the new site, I came up with a slight twist of "All Beef, New Drama," and took style nods from our previous mural work in the first restaurant.

What tools and brand of tools did you use?
The whole piece was done with traditional art paint brushes - anything up to 2” wide and mini rollers. We discussed various routes at the start - aerosol paint, marker pen and conventional paint. Hanbao wanted a clear sharp accurate homage to their original restaurant piece, so brushes were decided as the closest match to achieving this. We tried various art paints, too, but as the piece needs to outlast a typically unpredictable UK winter- masonry paint was decided as the best option as it’s pretty much weatherproof. The challenge to this is it doesn’t really flow off the brush and across the coarse wood of the boards, so it's quite a slow process trying to get the clean, sharpness of the original piece.

Did anyone assist? If so, how many and who?
I had two of the building team (DJC Build) working on the eventual new site, help me with organizing the kit and filling out the large background areas to speed up the process. I also had a filmmaker, James Silvanus-Davis, on site at various times working on the film for the piece.

What was the most challenging component?
We had done the original piece inside, with art paint on smooth plaster and no weather issues. And that was, effectively, the brief to match. It was a real challenge to get as absolutely close to that with a combination of the weather and the limitations of masonry paint- which goes on like yogurt on rough wooden boards.

About Rob

How long have you been painting murals? How did you get into it?
I caught the first wave of graffiti art in the UK from age 11. Then went to Art College for three years and University for another three. I got a degree in Visual Communication and then worked as a Magazine Designer, Graphic Designer, Senior Creative, Creative Director and then Art Director before becoming a freelance designer. Mural requests have been cropping up over time, from one-shot sign writing enamels to marker pens and aerosols. It complements my other lettering work and I love doing it so I am more than happy when these requests arrive.

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Rob Draper  has worked with clients such as The Golden Globes, Nike, Gap, Pentagram, Harper & Collins and The Washington Post to name a few. Visit Rob at or on his Instagram at @ropdraper1 to see more.

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