Design by  Jessica Yan

Design by Jessica Yan

Pursuing a profession in any area can be expensive. This deters a lot of talented artists and designers from taking their talent to the next level and truly attaining their dream careers. We believe in the arts and the positive impact it has on our communities, locally and globally, everyday. Finances shouldn’t stand in the way of these dreams.

Brooke Robinson, founder of Goodtype, started the Stay Sharp Scholarship because she personally understands the financial burdens of pursuing a higher education or even enrolling in a workshop or two. It is her goal to assist the vastly talented artists and designers to take the leap, big or small, with a little help.

She and the Goodtype team are dedicated to creating continued initiatives that raise funds for the Stay Sharp Scholarship and support students who are looking to take their talents to the next level.


The first Goodtype Book which was self-published via Kickstarter donated $1 from each book backed to the scholarship fund, bringing it to $1067 And now, $1 from each Goodtype Artist Collaboration print is also being donated, adding nearly $50. And $160 was donated from the Summer of Sketching Campaign put on by @dappernotes, @e_known and @efot! The scholarship fund currently has nearly $1300! 

Once the scholarship fund reaches $10k, Goodtype will send out application details and eligibility. Until then, we will be using the scholarship in other small ways to support the lettering community of students.

Thank you for your continued support. We are Strength In Letters.

Photo by Enon Avital

Photo by Enon Avital