That's My Jam by Noah Camp

Noah Camp has been a freelance graphic designer for 6 years. He started Lettering Camp when he decided to focus more on typography. "I'm so happy, I decided to niche down," he explains. Typography is his passion and he loves illustrating letters in different ways.
Contrary to the "That's My Jam" piece, Noah's process doesn't always end in Cinema 4D. Most of the time his lettering ends at the 2D stage, as brush calligraphy and logo design. "That may change as I get deeper into 3D. Each piece has a different goal, and the final product is planned with that goal in mind. Some pieces work better in the 2D medium, and some work better in 3D. Often I will know at the very seed of an idea where the final piece is going to end up. What I love about creating in 3D is that the options seem endless."

Final Cinema 4d rendering of "That's My Jam" by Noah Camp

Final Cinema 4d rendering of "That's My Jam" by Noah Camp

"That's My Jam" was actually his own side project for fun. "And it was fun! I'd love to do more 3D typography illustrations for clients." Noah spent a lot of time on the sketch with the intention to bring the final design to 3D. "I think the piece works well because the typography can stand alone as its own composition." He did the work up front in the sketching and refining process. He built the letterforms with the vision that the curves and shapes could pass as a jam substance, but also wanted it to look very tamed.

Sometimes the process goes from sketch to modeling in Cinema 4D, but this piece was built from a vector. "Most times I vectorize in Adobe Illustrator because I'm so used to the tool. It took quite a while too, but the 3D visualization took the longest, as it usually does." To make it look lifelike, he spent a lot of time on texturing and lighting. The one tip he would say, for photorealistic renders is "the closer to real-life scale the scene is, the better the realism."

Noah is available for hire- "Anything lettering related, especially typography illustrations for advertising and editorial pieces." He does logo design, custom lettering, book covers, album covers, packaging, etc. "And if you have an idea to make lettering out of another uncooperative substance like jam, I'm your guy."

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Edited by Brooke Robinson