Texture by Craig Black

So how did Craig create this beautiful texture?


It is actually a physical process- not digital. Craig uses a dry-erase marker on a dry-erase white board which creates a dry effect. He then, meticulously and carefully cuts away at the lettering using a small eraser and his finger.

There is a small window of about 1-2 minutes after the type is drawn to create the texture. Because, if left too long, the design starts to dry and crack preventing the nice ‘smudging’ effect. "It’s all about trial and error," Craig says.


He then takes it a step further by taking a photo of the design, importing it into Photoshop and inverting its colors (see below). This design was applied to a bottle and poster design for an exhibition which you can learn more about here.


Craig Black is a Scottish born graphic designer, lettering artist and typographer.  Having spent the first few years of his career in leading design agencies gaining experience in print to motion and everything in-between, he currently runs his own design studio in Glasgow and London, United Kingdom.

Discover more of his work at craigblackdesign.com