Rob Draper x Goodtype

New Initiative

As you may have read, Goodtype is expanding its mission. Now reaching over 2 million impressions a week via social media, we have the wonderful opportunity of further elevating the art form of lettering- giving rise to greater possibilities for the artist behind the art. Our debut initiative to propel this mission forward is to collaborate with select artists on limited edition and bespoke goods that highlight the artist and their work. We do this in hopes of giving the artist a bigger voice and a larger platform of exposure, sharing behind the scenes works in progress sketches, videos and artist stories.

Rob Draper

We are excited to announce our first Goodtype Artist Collaboration is with the very talented Rob Draper, based in the UK. Rob has a very distinct style and is known for his intricate lettering on coffee cups. He has worked with an elite range of worldwide clients including Nike, Gap, and Pentagram to name a few. I asked Rob what lettering is to him and why it's important. He said lettering has become his life. From a child, drawing words and logos, directionless, until Hip Hop landed in the UK from USA and with it, graffiti art, then to Art College and then University, lettering has always played a key role. From leaving University and entering the 'real world' from a Junior Designer to Senior Designer all the way to Creative Director, lettering has never been far from Rob, whether hand based or digital. "I love how it can evoke anything- from any emotion to reassurance of a service and I continue to enjoy that challenge, finding a style of letter to sit well and match its eventual purpose."

Portrait by Mark Salmon Photography

Portrait by Mark Salmon Photography

When we approached Rob with the idea, he was really excited and eager to give it a go. I asked him why he'd like to collaborate with Goodtype. He responded, "In short, Instagram has become a great way with connecting to an audience for what I do. I didn't realize, initially, what a great "shop window" it was going to be and as that shop window has grown, Goodtype has been there for the journey. I think it was about 3 years ago when I first had a feature on Goodtype and the continued support and encouragement I have received from them has pushed my work and created new friends across the globe. It seems a natural progression for Goodtype to move into this new direction. I'm honored to be asked to be at the foundation of this."

Hope & Dream

Upon our first couple conversations, we chatted about what the message would be. In the end, via a warm San Francisco, a hot Texas and a freezing cold Worcester UK "Hope & Dream" was created. Rob concluded that, "Whether its a personal journey, a global feeling or wishes for the new year coming for you or a loved one, I hope it's a message that resonates with an audience as much as it does with me." Below are a few sneak peek works in progress sketches.

We will be releasing final sketches and artwork this week as well as announcing when it will be available for purchase. Note that ALL newsletter subscribers will be the first to know when the sale goes live. Stay tuned!



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