Rémy Boiré is a 24 year old graphic designer and letterer living in France. We here at Goodtype were dazzled by the lettering work he did for a special campaign for Converse shoes called “Made by You,” in which Converse fans were recognized for their dedication to the brand. He was commissioned by ad agency Wunderman for the project. They wanted to honor French fan, Pascal by having Boiré hand-letter the phrase Pascalophile forever, which would then be transformed into a three-dimensional object.

“Pascalophile forever”

“Pascalophile forever”


“At the beginning I had a ton of ideas, but not all of them could realistically be done in 3D. After talking with the 3D modelers about their constraints, I knew what could and could not be done before I started sketching,” Boiré says. “I proposed that we make the laces come out of the shoes as the lettering, and they liked it.” So, the artist started sketching his vision of the laces, while referencing an actual pair of Converse shoes.
Once the sketch was approved, Boiré met with the 3D modeler. Working with a 3D printer, they modeled in four laces, but it was printed in 15 separate parts for assembly. “The whole piece took about 30 hours of printing and post processing, plus an assembly day,” Boiré notes. The process was labor-intensive and, at times, tricky as the material didn’t always stand the right way. Eventually, the modeler made it work and the result and process can be seen here.


Boiré is currently working on two exhibitions. The first exhibition, on sign painting, took place Oct. 1 in London, and coincided with a workshop conducted by Pierre Tardif, a well-known sign painter. The other project is a collaboration with illustrator Margot Reverdy and was held in Paris.

View more of Remy's work here: remyboire.fr

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