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Goodtype’s mission has always been to curate beautiful letterforms. With the growth of our community to almost 1 million people, we have expanded our mission; to support the community of lettering artists, students, and enthusiasts. Our debut initiative is on its second artist collaboration. We do these collaborations in order to celebrate lettering artists and further elevate the art form of lettering.

Lauren Hom

Like a flamin’ hot Cheeto, Lauren Hom is blazin’ the trail! She has worked with clients such as Starbucks, Google, YouTube and TIME Magazine. Lauren got her start in lettering on accident when she created the blog Daily Dishonesty for fun in college. It ended up making its rounds on the internet and turned into a book deal and in turn led to a whole new career path. She’s been lettering her way through life ever since.

I asked Lauren what lettering is to her and why she thinks it’s important? “To me, lettering is giving words personality. I always say that if the writing is what you're saying, then lettering is how you're saying it. I think it's an important skill because you can call attention to messages that need to be heard, and you have the ability to set a mood. It's also important to me because it's one of my more meditative activities. It's nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and really focus on crafting words, letter by letter.”

When we asked Lauren if she would like to collaborate with us, she seemed really excited at the idea. She said “Getting my work featured by Goodtype earlier on in my career definitely helped give me visibility, and I'll be forever grateful. I was so honored when you asked me to partner with you.” Well, Lauren, the feeling is mutual! It’s an honor to work with such a fearlessly bold creative. Her unconstrained self-expression is a much-needed inspiration to so many.

Lauren has recently stretched beyond her lettering talents and is further proving to us her cornucopia of creative skills with her latest “Flour Crown” series (as pictured wearing her Cheetos flour crown).

Making Art & Breaking Hearts

When chatting with Lauren about what phrase to letter, we tossed a few ideas back and forth. “Making Art & Breaking Hearts” was the very clear winner. Lauren said, “This print is basically me on a piece of paper, haha.”  She created this print in her signature colors and lettering styles. It is inspired by all of the badass creative women in her life.

We must also mention, this is the very FIRST time she’s ever screen printed any of her work. It’s an honor to make this happen- and kind of sad there will only be 200 ever in existence. Well, lucky for those who get one! AVAILABLE HERE

No. 6 from Lauren's #flourcrown series featuring her favorite snack, Cheetos!

No. 6 from Lauren's #flourcrown series featuring her favorite snack, Cheetos!

Work in Progress of "Making Art & Breaking Hearts" by Lauren Hom for Goodtype

Work in Progress of "Making Art & Breaking Hearts" by Lauren Hom for Goodtype

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