Mural Monday with Andreas Pedersen a.k.a. @andycloned

Welcome to our third edition of Mural Monday. This time we bring you a long-winded mural by Andreas Pedersen. SNASK, the Swedish design studio based in Stockholm, asked Andreas to paint a mural based on a Charles Bukowski quote, “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” Andreas interpreted this quote as “the world is falling apart.” He wanted to represent that core message in an appealing and accurate way which is why he depicted the letters as melting and regressing.


This mural measures nearly 16.5’ wide by 6.5’ high and took Andreas, in total, around 24 hours to complete. He broke the workload up into 3 days, on top of an initial full day of concept development and sketching to prep the mural. We asked Andreas if he had any help? He said, “Nope, just me, a projector and some Posca and Molotow ink markers. He said the most challenging part was accomplishing all the little details- as it was very time-consuming.

Andreas segued into mural painting through graffiti and his love for letterforms. He explains, “A natural step to developing yourself is wanting to advance, and in this case, it is the desire to put letters on a larger canvas and in a different medium, rather than on a piece of paper or digitally in a computer.”

This mural was only his third- with the exception of a few graffiti murals.


Andreas Pedersen is a 27 year old graphic designer from Staffanstorp, Sweden currently residing in Stockholm.

Visit Andreas at or his Instagram @andycloned.