Mural Monday - "Be Still My Heart" by Ben Johnston

Hello Mural Monday! “Be Still My Heart” a 9’ wide by 11’ high mural took roughly thirteen hours for Ben Johnston to complete.

This piece was created for Yongehurst Distillery in Toronto.  Ben explains why they chose this phrase "Playing on a line from Homer's Odyssey. “Hearts” is the nickname of the main fraction of spirit that comes from the word “still” used by Yongehurst Distillery to blend their final product.

Because the mural’s placement is in the tasting room, it will always be viewed close-up, which means it had to be technically perfect, which he achieved with masking and layering the colors.

This was a solo project with no helping hands, using three quarts of regular indoor house paint and a Molotow grey marker for the outline.

Ben explains that his process was fairly hassle free and quick. Only taking him a  day to create the design, then sketched it up on the wall and painted it.

Ben has been painting murals for about the last four years, which, he says has been a really interesting progression with his work and has opened up many new doors. He has some big projects coming up this year and a few traveling gigs. He said painting murals gives him a great opportunity to try out some new styles and techniques.


Ben Johnston is a multi-disciplinary artist & designer that believes in a hand-crafted approach to all his design endeavours. Born in Canada and raised in South Africa, Ben brings a diverse sense of influence to his work. His work has won numerous design awards including Communication Arts for custom lettering, Print Mag award for typographic murals and also multiple TDC awards. He has worked with Nike, Ford, Adobe, Blue Moon, Aston Martin, Shopify and Lululemon to a name a few.

Visit Ben at or on his Instagram @BenJohnstonDesign