How It Began                                                                                                   

Brooke Bucherie began posting her favorite lettering and typography works on Instagram summer of 2013. She quickly found her letter obsession was one shared by many. Goodtype is now a community of over 400,000 strong worldwide. We are Strength In Letters.


Goodtype's mission is to curate and showcase beautiful letterforms while giving credit where credit is due. We are strength in letters and a community of artists and admirers.  Goodtype is starting a scholarship that will aid present and future designers called the Stay Sharp Scholarship. More details on how to apply coming soon.

Stay Sharp logo design by Scotty Russell. Motion design by Austin Saylor.


Goodtype is putting out its first book called Goodtype The Book Volume 1. The only way to purchase this book was through Kickstarter.  But the campaign officially ended on July 30th. One dollar from each book sold will go directly to the Stay Sharp Scholarship. 

Minor Details                                                                                                   

Goodtype is based out of Austin, TX.